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the perils of miriam
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In the past the dentist may have provided a written quote, had it signed by the patient or have provided a report outlining options and costs before starting treatment. I have always wondered, what the recipients of such surgery see in the mirror, and do the operating doctors really feel they have helped? In Palm Springs surrounded by rich ladies with molten, waxy faces, post numerous face lifts and other cosmetic procedures. Essay on a complex composite restoration using laser Everything was fine for a period of years, the patient dropped out of contact, and when we next met I discovered all my beautiful work in severe trouble. Quite rightly as a profession we are patient centred EVERY patient has the right to decide on their treatment, no one other than the patient can decide this and they are the best person to choose what is the best treatment for them. We know all treatment will fail; if when it fails we are unable to provide a solution, or if the patient is unlikely to be able to afford the remedial treatment, are we entering the realms of maleficence to carry on with the initial treatment?

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the perils of miriam

I am really glad that patient is still at the practice, it is like having a second dental conscience, a reminder of my limitations and that our decisions run on for life.

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Blackadder-Perils Of Miriam

The patient had a major life event, with a detrimental effect on their health. The evidence clearly states the lifespan of any restoration is linked to the volume of remaining natural tooth. As healthcare professionals we are caught between maleficence, beneficence and patient autonomy. At the time I carried out this treatment I was a young dentist, confident in my dentistry and the great materials at my disposal.

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