Supracoracoideus breast muscle

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New research shows island birds become flightless—quickly and repeatedly. Nat Geo Phenomena blog. Use our resources to learn more about birds.

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There are many physical features that are shared by birds and mammals. For instance, both groups of animals have backbones, are warm-blooded, and have four limbs. However, the body systems of birds are adapted to flight.

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When I was teaching high school zoology I was fascinated by the many adaptations of birds for flight. Still am. One of them is a unique muscle arrangement that allows the return stroke of the wing while maintaining aerodynamic stability.

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The major power stroke of the wing during flight originates from the large pectoralis muscle located superficially in the breast region. The wing is elevated by the supracoracoideus muscle located between the pectoralis and the sternum. The supracoracoideus, although adjacent and parallel to the pectoralis, is able to cause an opposite movement raising instead of lowering the wing because its tendon is inserted onto the opposite side of the humerus to the pectoralis tendon.

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January 19, By Herb Wilson in Physiology. White meat or dark? This question will be asked thousands of times as families and friends gather around the Thanksgiving turkey.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Comparative proteomic characterization of the sarcoplasmic proteins in the pectoralis major and supracoracoideus breast muscles in 2 chicken genotypes. The objective of this study, therefore, was to analyze the one-dimensional proteomic profiles of sarcoplasmic protein fractions isolated from the p.

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Dissect a chicken from the supermarket to discover the unusual pulley system that enables birds to fly. Many biologists are able to look at an animal, living or dead, and learn how it works. In previous decades, this ability was acquired in whole dissections of rats, frogs and earthworms.

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Flight is essential for birds and captivating for birdwatchers. Consider the speed of a diving falcon, the burst of a flushed grouse, the erratic pattern of a courting hummingbird, or the endurance of long-distance migrants. Birds had to draw on their engineering skills and make some changes.

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