Shaved arm pits

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Unfortunately, shaving your armpits won't make you sweat less because the practice doesn't affect the glands that produce perspiration. The apocrine glands that produce sweat are under the skin and not in the hair itself. These glands will continue to produce perspiration even when the hair is shaved down to skin level.

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Shaving is just as much a rite of passage for girls as it is for boys. We here at HuffPost Style will never forget the moment we first picked up a razor to shave our legs. Fortunately, we got much better at it and have ended up with fewer nicks.

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At the outset of the United States, leg and underarm hair removal was not a common practice for women. One cultural change was the definition of femininity. In the Victorian era, it was based on moral character.

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Either way, there could be myriad benefits to opting for smoother armpits — which we will explain. Despite this, the concept of shaving your armpits remains alien to the majority of men who aren't a Olympic swimmers or b serial groomers. Is this viewpoint justified, or are these chaps missing out on a healthy life hack?

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Shaving your armpits comes with its own challenges because this area accumulates a lot of oil, sweat and barely sees the light of day. Did you know that our body has two different sweat glands? First type is called the eccrine gland that produces sweat for most of the extremities body, legs, etc.

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The other day on the Tools of Men YouTube channel I received a comment two in fact from a video I filmed awhile back where I compared a dry spray antiperspirant to a standard stick of antiperspirant check out the video here. The viewers stated that I needed to shave my pits in order to get better performance from the stick of antiperspirant. Needless to say, I am a something year old guy that has never taken a blade or trimmer to my pits.

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Shaving or not shaving your body hair is an entirely personal decision akin to wearing lipstick or getting Botox or, idk, dressing in head-to-toe hot pink.

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Shaving your underarms may seem pretty simple, but if you want the closest, smoothest shave possible, it can become a challenge. That's because the skin under your arms is fairly sensitive, so irritations occur easily. If you use the right supplies and prepare your skin beforehand, though, you can minimize the irritation and bumps to wind up with smooth, hair-free underarms.

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Summer is here and it's the best time of the year to cut your hair short and shave your beard, but what about those wild hairs poking out from your armpits? It's tank top season, so you might notice your armpit hair is more on display than usual, but what do you do about it? Is it manly to have a full mane under your arm?

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Whenever I shave my armpits, I expect to do a lot of care-free arm raising like the women in razor ads and summer stock photos. So, what gives? I turned to board-certified dermatologist Dr.


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