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When it comes to connecting with a Pisces man in bed, he's all about romance, passion, emotion, and sensitivity, and he excels at giving and receiving both pleasure and love. Far from feeling guilt, fear, or pain, he considers sex a beautiful gift from "above" that connects him to the divine. A Pisces man is an enigma, an enchanter, and a physical and emotional shapeshifter, whose sexuality is subtle and seldom on display.

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Each month our resident clairvoyant reads the stars to bring you a message of love, sex and prophecy. I offered one of these creatures my eternal love in a physical way, and it nearly drove me insane. And not in a good way either!

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Understanding a Pisces man can be as harder than it looks. Things like posture, eye contact, hand gestures, and touch are all methods your Pisces uses to communicate without even thinking about it. What gives?

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Represented by a pair of fish, Pisces is the final sign in the Zodiac. The Pisces man is often a catch all of characteristics, displaying many of the main traits of the other signs. He is generous and unworldly.

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Pisces are known for living in a fantasy world. You know what that means for YOU? Good at matching and understanding the energies of those around them, Pisces are a very sensitive and understanding Zodiac sign.

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Pisces is a mystical and intuitive sign, and you Fish are always ready to lose yourselves in the act of intercourse. But, before you get things started, you might want to ask your over-anxious partner to stop long enough to look at you. Aries just likes to get to the point, and has an innocent way at looking at love.

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You know how sometimes you just want a lover who is sensitive and in tune with your womanly needs, and your desire for romance? Sometimes you may even find yourself thinking that life would be so much easier if you were attracted to women instead of men, because at least a woman would be on the same emotional wavelength as you! Luckily our Pisces men are the female equivalent in this sense.

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Making sure that both people are having an equal amount of fun and satisfaction can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you have different personalities. Here are 10 top tips for having the best sex with a Pisces man. Pisces men much prefer the gentle side of sex to the overly aggressive side.

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Pisces has a natural disposition towards anger and heat. And consequently, life leads him to unpleasant encounters every now and then. To complicate the matters further Pisces man is a narcissist.

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Pisces men are gentle, soft spoken and they revel in intimacy. They can be shy and are often very in touch with their feminine side. They are also extremely artistic and intuitive.


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