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However, the general picture that emerges, as noted above, is of someone who both sought out injury for himself and is willing to injure others. A passion for castration: Characterizing men who are fascinated with castration, but have not been castrated. As such, to remove the risk associated with nonmedical surgeries, some have argued for the medical community to provide amputations of healthy limbs for individuals experiencing extreme xenomelia or body integrity identity disorder see discussion in 18 — Main Outcome Measures Self-reported questionnaires were used to collect demographic information, gender identity and presentation, selected childhood experiences, and history of aggressive behaviors, self-harming behaviors, and hospitalization. In sum, there may be no singular, invariant psychological profile of the cutter, who is himself castrated.

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Louisa. Age: 31.
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That information may help identify the strength of the association between certain risk factors and participants involvement in illegal surgeries.

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Yaretzi. Age: 31.
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Voluntary Genital Ablations: Contrasting the Cutters and Their Clients

One notable difference in the physically castrated subgroup of cutters relates to who performed their castrations. Introduction There are men who seek and obtain genital ablations outside proper medical facilities for reasons other than medical necessity, such as testicular or metastatic prostate cancer 1 — 5. Having been threatened with genital mutilation was identified as a more common experience in those seeking castration. Table 1 Sample demographics.

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