Namio haruwaka

namio haruwaka
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So, congratulations, we guess? The British artist's Spent exhibition , featured at the Centre For Recent Drawing in London, is a series of 56 canvases that McKenzie has orgasmed on and then sprinkled graphite powder over. He's actually been pretty open about his love for women that can wear men like a G-string, as seen in, say, his Garden Of Domina , an exhibition at the Paris Museum Of Eroticism. For example, in Jordan McKenzie's case, his drawings all come from his dick and balls, because they are literally just a collection of his ejaculations. You can watch clips from the performance here , but we have a feeling you really needed to be there to get the full effect.

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Namio Harukawa Original Drawings

Not because China is censoring "art" that's sort of what they do , or because Cheng is innocent. Here, tell us we're wrong: Advertisement. But we sort of get the feeling that he must've known that no one would willingly enter a Hannibal Lecter cell in the middle of a public square which, bizarrely, makes it more creepy , especially after being invited there through an anonymous sex app.

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